About Horasis

Horasis is an economic business forum for developing countries aimed to support the growth of business markets. Horasis arranges meetings to address the most important challenges corporations are facing today. Participants jointly identify globally relevant issues and develop interdisciplinary solutions. Among the participants are the representatives of the most respected global corporations, key leaders of emerging markets, and public figures including government executives.

Already soon, a business forum the Horasis China Meeting Ukraine with the participation of representatives from China, America, and Europe will be held in Kyiv on October 14-15! It is a unique opportunity for the expansion of Ukrainian business abroad as well as attracting foreign investments, partners, etc.

Horasis China Meeting Ukraine 2018

Horasis in numbers



This event is an exceptional opportunity for the representatives of government, parliament, and business circles to deepen the dialogue, attract investments, and implement specific projects in agro, energy, transport and infrastructure, and innovation areas.



Over 300 representatives of business and government circles from 28 countries including China, Singapore, India, America, and Europe have already confirmed their participation in the Horasis China Meeting Ukraine.



Horasis China Meeting in Kyiv arranges meetings to address the most important challenges corporations are facing today. 200 business leaders will come together to identify globally relevant issues and develop interdisciplinary solutions.

Our Speakers

Henry Shterenberg (Генрі Штеренберг)
Henry Shterenberg
CEO, Global Transformation Platform, Ukraine
Anson Chan
Anson Chan
Chairman, Bonds Group of Companies, Hong Kong SAR
Pat Cox
Pat Cox
President, Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe, Switzerland
Harry Hui
Harry Hui
Founder and Managing Partner,
ClearVue Partners, China
Emmanuel Justima
Emmanuel Justima
Chief Executive Officer,
Modricenir, Haiti
Sundeep Waslekar
Sundeep Waslekar
President, Strategic Foresight Group, India
Liu Changle
Liu Changle
Chairman, Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings, China
Xu Heyi
Xu Heyi
Chairman, Beijing Automotive Group, China
Xuan Ruiguo
Xuan Ruiguo
Chairman, China Automation Group, China
Felix Zhang
Felix Zhang
Founder and Executive Director, Envision Energy, China
Zhang Jianwei
Zhang Jianwei
Vice Chairman,
Sinotrans, China
Zhi Peng
Zhi Peng
President, Tsinghua Asset Management Group, China
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Horasis Partners

Silk Link
Global Transformation Platform
Global Shapers Community
Diamond Capital
CFA Society Ukraine


Q. In what form can we present projects?
A. PDF file, PowerPoint or video. For detailed review, send your project to projecs@horasisua.com
Q. Speaker Speech Format
A. We have two formats: Speaker on panel discussions and plenary sessions.
Q. Who is the founder of Horasis?
A. Horasis was founded by Dr. Frank Yunger Richter in 2005, Zurich (Switzerland)
Q. What is the chance for a business to meet a investor at Horasis?
A. At Horasis, over 300 business people, investors and leaders from all over the world have been confirmed. That gives high probability of attraction of investments and partnership.
Q. When and were will be the Horasis China Meeting take place?
A. Horasis China Meeting will take place on October 14-16, 2018 at the Parkovoy Congress and Exhibition Center
Q. Who organizes Horasis in Ukraine?
A. In Ukraine, Horasis organizes strategy partners Henry Shterenberg , "GTP - Global Transformation Platform" and co-organizers are “Silk Link” - Silk Road and “SFII “- the State Innovation Financing and Credit Institution.


Contact Information
Office: Horizon Office Towers Business Center, Shelkovichka st. 42-44, 3rd floor
Conference: CEC Parkovy Park Road, 16a, Kyiv, Ukraine